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Answers to all your questions!

Can I come and have a look around

You are very welcome to come and visit us! We ask that you give us a call to let us know when you're coming so we can take the time to show you around our wonderful facility. Check out our opening times to see when is suitable and contact us to arrange.

Opening hours

Our regular hours of operation are 6.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays 9am - 4pm and Sunday by appointment. We do understand that life gets busy, so we are happy to accommodate your schedule if you book in advance. Bookings are essential so we can organise our life too! We do not operate daycare activities on Sundays - unless you are staying with us


23a Luland Street Botany NSW 2019 Sydney Australia

Our facility is conveniently located 3 kilometers from Sydney Airport. This makes it so easy for you to drop your Dog off if you are leaving via plane. And even better... your Dog can be collected as soon as you land. We all know our Dogs are the first thing we want to collect when we come home from traveling!

We have plenty of free on street parking and are close to the M5 turn off.

What will my dog do all day?

We provide exercise and fun for your Dog as well as structured play and rest periods throughout the day. Some activities include walks, chaseys, TV time, treasure hunts, lots of cuddles and hugs, ball games and even some obedience training! We guarantee your Dog will be stimulated with hours of fun during the day and will be ready for a good nights sleep at night. It's a great solution for those otherwise long lonely days at home.

Will my dog spend any time outside?

One of the greatest features of our facility is our outdoor area. No other facility has over 100sqm of outdoor space! We spend most of our day outside. We venture inside for a change of pace throughout the day and also if the weather isnt nice. The majority of your dogs day will be outside in the sunshine!

What happens in bad weather?

We play outside in most weather conditions including light rain. If any Dogs are wet when we return, we will towel them dry before warming up again on the lounges in our indoor play area. Our facility has reverse cycle air conditioning so we will remain warm all day in bad weather. If the weather is very bad, we take the opportunity to snuggle up in front of the Doggie TV and watch a movie together, or play on all our inside equipment.

What should I bring for my dogs stay?

We can supply everything your Dog needs for its stay. However, we also know that, small Dogs especially, can get very anxious when away from their normal environment and family. Because of this, we encourage you to bring whatever it is that makes your Dog comfortable and happy. Bedding, toys, clothes etc will have all their usual scents on them, and it really does help your Dog to settle in.

Don't forget to bring any medications your Dog needs as well as any food you would like us to feed. We require a copy of your Dogs vaccination certificate BEFORE arrival.    Oh, and DON'T FORGET YOUR DOG!!!! :)

Will my dog get cold or hot?

All guests benefit from a temperature controlled environment that ensures the suites are cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. However, you can bring any clothing or blankets along with them that you would like.

Is my dog sleeping alone or with a companion?

All our guests sleep alone in their suites. After a huge day of play and activities we find that they are really ready to sleep and each suite is set up so they can gain some privacy and space for themselves. If your Dog would like to share a room we need to make sure they are compatible. As a general rule we only allow Dogs from the same household to share a room - only if they'd like too!

Who can collect my dog?

As a general rule, we will only release Dogs to their owners. Please make us aware if someone other than yourself is collecting your Dog. As a matter of security, Dogs will not be checked-out to people who we are not expecting.

What happens if my dog gets sick?

On a daily basis our staff will complete a daily evaluation card for all our boarders to assess your Dogs condition. We do this to make sure any sickness in your Dog is picked up quickly and we can respond accordingly. The health and safety of your Dog is very important to us, therefore if your Dog shows any sign of sickness during their stay we will seek Veterinary treatment.

Will you give my dog his medication?

YES... we will administer oral and topical medications to your Dog whilst they are in our care. A Medical Form must be completed and signed for all Dogs that require medications and all medication is to be clearly marked with the pets name and dosage levels.

What vaccinations are required?

To keep both our four legged guests and our staff free from disease it is very important that your Dog is up to date on its vaccinations as well as flea, tick and heart worm preventatives. All Dogs MUST give a copy of their annual C5/C3 vaccination certificate sent to us PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Any Dog that cannot provide their up to date vaccination records, will not be allowed to play or stay. 

Do you accept old dogs? and puppies?

We have a special place in our hearts for old Dogs! In fact, all the Dogs on our team are old. All aged Dogs are welcome at Happy Little Howlers and we will take extra care of your elderly Dog. Puppies are great fun and who doesn't love to hang out with a puppy all day? We do ask though, that your puppy be up to date with their 3 vaccinations before they come and join us.

Is there a 1st aid officer on site?

Yes. There is a First Aid Officer on our team who is trained in Canine 1st Aid and CPR as well. We are also lucky enough to have a Vet Nurse on staff so we are well prepared in case of emergency. We also have an on call Vet located within 3 kilometers of our location.

Can I provide my own food?

We can provide your Dog with food whilst it is staying with us, however we recommend that you provide your own. Changing your Dog's diet may add to any separation anxiety or stress. Food should be pre-portioned in individual baggies with each meal in its own bag and clearly labeled. Please let us know in advance if you do not wish to bring your own food so we can organise a delivery

What if my dog doesn't eat?

Its not uncommon for Dogs to lose their appetite when initially separated from their owners, and it generally only lasts a day or so. If any of our guests are off their food, we will take the extra time needed to make sure they are relaxed and comfortable to eat. We find that almost all dogs can be coerced into eating with cooked chicken and healthy treats!!

What are your prices?

Our prices vary between high and low season.

We do not charge extra to give your dog their daily exercise and play time. All our boarders participate in Daycare at no extra charge. We do not charge for the day of departure if your dog is picked up before 10.00am. Please check our rates for accommodation on our rates page.

Do you offer family discounts?

We believe it is important to keep your Dogs 'pack' together when separated from you. This is why we offer a huge discount for families with more than one Dog. We allow Dogs from the same family to share a room.. with the second Dog receiving a 30% discount of all accommodation.

How do i book?

Booking is easy.. click the BOOK NOW button on our site (there is one just below this message) and you will be directed to our online booking system. We will send you confirmation once you have chosen your dates/times. From there you will be required to complete our registration form and sign the (boring but) appropriate paperwork. If you need help with this stage of the process, please call our office or message us on social media and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cancellation policy

We understand things change... If you need to cancel a booking, we would like 2 days notice so we can free up your place for another Dog. If we are given 2 days notice we will carry over your deposit for another time. If less than 2 days is given we will charge a cancellation fee of $100. We appreciate your understanding on this



Tel: 0452 661 046

We are conveniently located 3km from Sydney Airport

23a Luland Street Botany NSW 2019

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:00 - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday by appointment only


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