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With the growing number of abandoned Dogs in Australia, Fetching Dogs, Sydney Dogs & Cats Home and the people behind Oscar's Law are making a difference everyday. We are proud to support them.


We offer a 15% discount on boarding & daycare to Dogs that have been rescued. Ask us how!


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Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is the only not-for-profit pound in Sydney. Their mission is simple – to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, loving, domestic pets, young, old or with special needs by re-homing them and giving them a second chance at life. They pride themselves on never placing a time limit on any animal awaiting adoption. Visit them here

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Fetching Dogs is a registered charity that saves Dogs and Puppies from uncertain futures. All rescues are in foster care for a minimum of 2 weeks to assess their health and personality. This helps Fetching Dogs to re-home Dogs with compatible humans. They are very fortunate to have a strong and dedicated team of foster carers to help look after and prepare the Dogs for their forever homes. Visit them here


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Oscar's Law is Australia's most prominent anti-puppy farm campaign.

Established in 2010, Oscar's Law seeks to abolish the factory farming of our companion animals. They have an unprecedented track record in exposing and shutting down puppy factories and operating strategic awareness campaigns.

With a multi-pronged approach, Oscar's Law aims to Stop the factory farming of companion animals.; Ban the sale of puppies in pet shops and; Encourage adoption and promote responsible pet ownership.

Visit them here


Every year we do a donation drive and collect items for local dog charities. 2020 was for Sydney Dogs and Cats Home!Our wonderful Little Howlers, as well as our local community truly humbled me by their generosity, Especially when 2020 hasn't been kind to many of us.

Annual donation drive
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Tel: 0452 661 046

We are conveniently located 3km from Sydney Airport

23a Luland Street Botany NSW 2019

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:00 - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday by appointment only


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